Civil Engg : WBCS Exe Main Exam

Updated on: Mar 21, 2013
Paper - I

Strength Of Materials: Simple Stress-Strain, Elastic Constants, Shear Force And Bending Moment. Theory Of Simple Bending. Strain Energy In Direct Stress, Bending And Shear. Deflection Of Beams By Different Methods. Torsion Of Shafts & Transmission Of Power, Principal Stresses & Strains In Two Dimensions, Mohr's Circle, Theories Of Elastic Failure.

Structural Analysis: Castiglianio's Theorems I & Ii And Their Application To Beams And Pinjointed Trusses; Slope-Deflection & Moment Distribution Applied To Indeterminate Beams And Rigid Frames. Rolling-Loads And Influence Lines For Shear Force And Bending Moments In Beams. Influence Lines For Simply Supported Plain Pinjointed Trusses. Analysis Of Three Hinged, Two Hinged And Fixed Arches. Matrix Method Of Analysis By Force Method And Displacement Method In Indeterminate Beams And Rigid Frames. Plastic Analysis Of Beams And Frames : Statical And Mechanism Method.

Design Of Structural Steel: Rivetted-Bolted And Welded Joints And Connections. Design Of Tension And Compression Member, Beams Of Built Up Section, Rivetted And Welded Plate Girders, Stancheons With Battens And Lacings, Slab And Gussetted Column Bases.

Design Of Reinforced Concrete : Concrete Mix Design, Working Stress And Limit State Method Of Design; Design Of Slabs, Stair-Case Slabs, Beams Of Rectangular, T And L Sections; Compression Members Under Direct Load With Or Without Eccentricity, Isolated And Combined Footings; Cantilever And Counterfort Type Retaining Walls; Water Tanks : Rectangular And Circular.

Prestressed Concrete: Methods And Systems Of Prestressing, Anchorages, Analysis And Design Of Sections For Flexure Based On Working Stress, Loss Of Prestress. Design Of Masonry Wall And Retaining Wall.

Fluid Mechanics: Flow Through Closed Conduits And Open Channels, Pipe Net-Work, Hydraulic Jump. Centrifugal And Reciprocal Pumps : Types And Characteristics. Principles Of Hydropower Development: Type, Layout And Component Works.

Geotechnical Engineering: Types Of Soil, Classification And Index Properties. Effective Stress And Pore Water Pressure. Permeability And Seepage. Compaction And Consolidation, Shear Strength And Bearing Capacity, Settlement. Footings : Isolated And Combined. Rafts. Pile Foundation. Well Foundation.

Paper II

Engineering Materials: Physical Properties Of Construction Materials : Stones, Bricks. Mortars (Sand-Cement Lime-Surki), Lime Concrete And Cement Concrete. Properties Of Fresh And Hardened Concrete. Flooring Tiles. Timber : Properties And Uses, Seasoning And Preservation. Plastics, Damp-Proofing Materials. Termite Proofing, Materials For Low Cost Housing.

Construction: Brick Masonry: Bonds, Jointing, Plastering & Pointing, Types Of Floor And Roof. Functional Planning Of Buildings, Building Estimates And Specifications. Construction Equipment : Concreting Equipments : Mixer, Vibrator, Weigh Batcher And Batching Plant. Earthwork Equipments : Power Shovel Hoc, Bulldozer, Dumper & Rollers. Construction Planning & Management : Job Layout, Bar Charts, Project Control And Supervision. Network Analysis : Cpm & Pert Analysis, Float Times, Construction Of Network For Cost Optimization. Elements Of Engineering Economics : Benefit-Cost, Incremental Analysis.

Survey And Transportation Engineering:
Survey: Common Methods Of Distance And Angle Measurements, Plane Table Survey, Levelling, Traverse Survey, Triangulation Survey, Corrections, And Adjustments, Contouring, Topographical Map. Surveying Instruments For Above Purposes. Techeometry. Circular And Transition Curves. Highway Engineering : Principles Of Highway Planning. Highway Alignments, Geometrical Design : Cross Section, Camber, Superelevation, Horizontal And Vertical Curves. Classification Of Roads : Low Cost Roads, Flexible Pavements, Rigid Pavements. Design Of Pavements And Their Construction, Evaluation Of Pavement Failure And Strengthening, Drainage Of Roads : Surface And Sub-Surface.

Hydrology, Water Resources And Engineering: Hydrology: Hydrograph, Flood Frequency Analysis, Flood Estimation. Ground Water Flow: Specific Yield, Seepage Coefficient, Coefficient Of Permeability, Confined And Unconfined Aquifers, Tube Wells, Ground Water Potential. Irrigation Engineering: Water Requirements Of Crops: Consumptive Use, Duty And Delta, Irrigation Methods And Their Efficiencies. Canals: Most Efficient Section, Lined Canals, Their Design, Regime Theory, Cost Analysis Of Lined And Unlined Canals, Drainage Behind Lining Water Logging: Causes And Control, Drainage System Design, Salinity. Canal Structures: Principles Of Design Of Canal Falls, Aqueducts. Diversion Head Work: Principles And Design Of Weirs Of Permeable And Impermeable Foundation, Khosla's Theory, Energy Dissipation, Stilling Basin. Storage Works : Types Of Dams, Design, Principles Of Design Of Rigid Gravity And Earth Dams, Stability Analysis.

Environmental Engineering: Water Supply: Estimation Of Surface And Subsurface Water Resources, Predicting Demand For Water. Impurities Of Water And Their Significance, Physical, Chemical And Bacteriological Tests. Waterborne Diseases. Standards For Potable Water. Intake Of Water. Water Treatment-Principles Of Coagulation, Flocculation And Sedimentation. Slow; Rapid And Pressure Filters. Chlorination And Softening. Water Storage And Distribution; Storage And Balancing
Reservoirs : Types, Location And Capacity. Distribution System : Layout, Hydraulics Of Pipe Lines. Sewerage Systems: Domestic And Industrial Wastes. Storm Sewage-Separate And Combined Systems. Flow Through Sewers. Design Of Sewers And Sewer Appurtenances. Plumbing In Buildings. Sewage Characterization: Bod, Cod, Solids, Dissolved Oxygen, Nitrogen And Toc. Sewage Treatment:
Working Principles Of Units : Septic Chambers, Sedimentation Tanks, Trickling Filters, Oxidation Ponds, Activated Sludge Process. Design Of Septic Tank, Disposal Of Sludge, Recycling Of Waste Water. Treatment Of Industrial Waste. Solid Waste: Collection And Disposal In Rural And Urban Contexts. Environmental Pollution: Sustainable Development. Environmental Impact Assessment For River Valley Projects. Air Pollution And Pollution Control Measures.

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