Geography Syllabus : WBCS Exe Mains Exam

Updated on: Mar 21, 2013
Paper - I

Physical Geography (Geomorphology: Climatology) Soils And Vegetation: Oceanography: Eco-System; Human And Economic Geography (Development Of Geographical Thought: Human Geography: Settlements Geography: Political Geography: Economic Geography And International Relations).

Paper II

Regional Geography (A) Asia In General And India, Pakistan, China, Japan And South East Asia In Particular.
Europe In General And France, Germany, Great Britain And Russia In Paricular.
North America In General And Canada And U.S.A. In Particular.

 Prelims  Languages
 Agriculture  Animal Husbandry And Veterinary Science
 Anthropology   Botany
 Chemistry   Civil Engineering
 Commerce And Accountancy   Computer Science
 Economics   Electrical Engineering
 Geography  Geology
 Law  History
 Mathematics  Management
 Mechanical Engineering  Medical Science
  Philosophy Sociology
 Physics  Zoology

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