History Syllabus : WBCS Exe Mains Exam

Updated on: Mar 21, 2013
Paper - I

History Of India : Sources Of History, Literature, Archaeology, Etc. Harrappan Civilisation, Origin, Distribution, Religious Beliefs And Practices, Art And Architecture, Craft Production And Trade, Script. Vedic Society, Economy, Polity And Religion. Jainism, Buddhism, Ideological Background, Social Structure.
The Mauryan Empire.
The Guptas. The Post Gupta Period - History Of Bengal,
Sasanka,The Rise Of The Palas, And Senas.
Political History Of The Sultanate, Religion And Culture,
Sufism, Bhakti Movement, Nanak Kavir Nath Panthis, Sant Tradition.
Political History Of The Mughals.
Growth Of Regional Polity, Rise Of The Marathas, Mughal-Maratha Conflict. Decline Of The Mughal Empire And The Emergence Of The Successor State With Special Reference To Bengal.
Emergence Of East India Company And Bengal Renaissance, Cultural Changes; Consolidation Of The British Power, Framework Of Colonial Governments, The Different Acts And Statutes, The Permanent Settlement.
Growth Of Nationalism - Ideas And Movements Upto 1947. Communalism And Partition Of India;; Migration And Rehabilitation Of Refugees, Agrarian Reforms, Integration Of Princely States, Framing Of The Indian Constitution, Indian Foreign Policy, Non-Alignment Of The Third World, Social Movements.

Paper II

World History : Feudal Society In Europe, The Tenth Century Crisis, The Collapse Of Feudal Order In Western Europe And The Forms Of Survival In Eastern Europe. The Age Of Discovery, Science And Technology, Economic Expansion Of Europe In 16th Century, Renaissance And Humanism. Formation Of The Early Modern State, The Making Of Absolutism And The Problem Of Church Vs. The State-The Anglican Compromise, The French Religious Wars And The Political Crisis. The 17th Century Economic Expansion Of Europe, Civil War In England, Settlement Of 1688, Beginning Of Liberalization, The Ideas Of John Locke. Crisis In France In 1780’s And The Role Of Philosophers, The French Revolution, Rise And Fall Of Napoleon Banaparte, Emergence Of National States In Central Europe, Vienna Congress, Unification Of Italy And Germany, Modernization Of Russia, Emancipation Of The Serfs And Liberal Reforms In Russia, Industrialization In Europe, Rise Of The Working Class And The Socialist Thought. American War Of Independence - Bill Of Rights, Growth Of Federalism - The Civil War - Market Economy. The German Reich Under Bismarck, European Imperialism, The First World War - Its Origin And Impact, The Russian Revolution And The Bolsheviks, Peace Settlement In 1919 - The Development Of The Power Of The Soviet State - Rise Of Fascism In Italy - The Economic Depression - The Nazy Power - The Outbreak Of The Second World War. Chinese Revolution Of 1949.

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