Sociology Syllabus : WBCS Exe Main Exam

Updated on: Mar 21, 2013
Paper - I

Sociology; Social Stability; Social Change; Demographic; Technological And Cultural Factors Of Social Change; Theories Of Social Change.
Social Order And Social Conflict; Role Conflict, Conflict Of Interests, Ideas And Values; Ideologies; Dialectics Of Change.

Sociological Thought; Comte, Spencer, Marx, Durkheim, Weber, Pareto And Their Modern Interpreters; Parsons And Merton.

Social System; Equilibrium, Status, Role, Culture, Personality And Socialization, Heredity And Environment, Social Control, Conformity Deviance, Forms Of Interaction, Social Interaction And Everyday Life.
Types Of Human Groups.

Power, Authority, Legitimacy, Sociology Of Political Life.

Religion In Relation To Solidarity And Social Conflict, Magic, Science And Morality.

Economic : Social Aspects Of Production, Distribution And Consumption.

Science & Technology : Ethos Of Science; Social Responsibility Of Science; Social Control Of Science; Social Consequences Of Science And Technology; Technology And Social Change.

Sociological Theory And Empirical Research, Methods Of Social Enquiry, Surveys, Questionnaires And Interviews, Participant And Nonparticipant Observation, Experimentation In Sociology, Small Group Research.

Paper - II

Society And Culture In India; Unity And Diversity; Continuity And Change.
Approaches To The Study Of Indian Society; Indological, Structural, Functional, Dialectic.

Major Groupings : Religion, Language, Caste Tribe.

Major Institutions : Marriage, Family, Kinship Patterns And Changes Affecting Those; Gender Socialization; Division Of Labour And Economic Interdependence, Decision-Making, Centres Of Power And Political Participation; Religion And Society.

Social Inequality, Nature And Types; Traditional Concepts Of Hierarchy, Caste And Class; The Backward Classes; Concepts Of Equality And Social Justice In Relation To Traditional Hierarchies; Education, Occupation And Social Mobility; Changing Patterns Of Stratification.

Social Change In Modern India : Westernization And Sankritization; Directed And Undirected Change; Legislature And Executive Measures; Social Reforms; Social Movements; Urbanization; Associations And Pressure Groups. Women And Society :

Demographic Profile Of Women; Special Problems-Dowry, Atrocities, Discrimination; Existing Programmes For Women And Their Impact. Situational Analysis Of Children; Child Welfare Programmes.

Globalization And Ecological Crisis In India-Environmental Movements In India. Social Problems In India : (1) Poverty In Rural And Urban Areas, (2) Child Labour, (3) Problem Of Youth, (4) Drug Addiction, (5) Juvenile Delinquency, (6) Old Age Problem, (7) Population Problem, (8) Mass Illiteracy.

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