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West Bengal Board Timetable 2012

Updated on: Mar 21, 2013
To provide the students of West Bengal with the latest information related to education, National Network of Education (NNE) has compiled this easy-to-follow section containing the Exam Schedules of the HSC and Madhyamik Examinations.

In the year 2012, Higher Secondary Examination 2012 will start on 14th March and it will continue up to the 7th April.

West Bengal HSC Timetable 2012

The timetable for the Higher Secondary examination 2012 of West Bengal is as given below:

14 March, Wednesday

1st Language (Bengali (a) and (B) or Hindi (A) and (B)
16 March, Friday English (A) and (B)
19 March, Monday Physics, Nutrition, Education, Business Organisation and Management
21 March, Wednesday  
Political Science, Geology, Sociology
23 March, Friday   
Statistics, Classical Language, Modern Foreign English, Agronomy
26 March Monday   
History, Chemistry, Accountancy
 29 March, Thursday   
 Biological Science, Home Management and Home nursing, Business Economy and Business Mathematics, Environmental Education
31 March, Saturday   
Mathematics, Philosophy
2 April, Monday  
Psychology, Geography, Economic Geography
5 April, Thursday
Anthropology, Economics, Fine arts and crafts, Music
7 April, Saturday
Computer Science, Modern Computer Application

Points to Remember:

  1. Usually everyday examination will start at 10.00 AM and go on up to 1:15 PM.
  2. Environmental Education paper will start at 2.30 PM and will end at 3.30 PM.
  3. Examination on Fine arts and crafts & Music will be of 2 hours duration.

West Bengal Madhyamik Timetable 2012

The timetable for the Madhyamik examination 2012 of West Bengal Board is as given below:

24 February 2012
First paper of first language
25 February 2012   
Second paper of First language
27 February 2012 
Second language
28 February 2012   
1 March 2012   
2 March 2012  
Physical Science
3 March 2012  
Life Science
6 March 2012 
7 March 2012   
Additional Subject

Points to Remember:
  1. Madhyamik examination, 2012 will be of 700 marks.
  2. All the examinations will start at 11:45 AM and go on up to 3:00 PM.
  3. 2012 Madhyamik examination will be conducted based only on the Class X syllabus.
    Till 2011 students had to prepare the syllabi of both Class IX and X for the Madhyamik.
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