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West Bengal as an Education Destination

Updated on: Mar 21, 2013
In the pre-independent India, the intellectual resources of West Bengal had an influencing role in the India nation building. This is the first state in India responsible for bringing rational education to the young people. West Bengal witnessed The “Bengal Renaissance” and “Young Bengal Movement” for India and brought western education to India.

The land of exotic charm is responsible for birth of numerous intellectuals, educationist and personalities, who emerged as persons of global repute. Great visionaries like Rabindranath Tagore, Mother Teresa, Satyendra Bose and Amartya Sen, Satyajit Roy, only ton name a few, are sons of this land. Hence, from this entire information one can get a vivid picture of the excellent education profile of West Bengal.

In the post independence era also, education scenario of West Bengal is growing rapidy. Besides the proper division of the educational departments, commitment of persons, to education sector of West Bengal, is quite explicit and admirable. Government also offers balanced education opportunities and facilities to both rural and urban sector.

Our website makes a sincere attempt to provide you with detailed focus on the education profile of West Bengal.

In the West Bengal education system, district level education officials play the most crucial role in the development of primary and secondary education. The inspector of primary education, the district inspector of secondary education and district officer of physical education and youth welfare, are responsible for improvement in the quality of educational, cultural, physical and administrative activities. The Department of School Education in West Bengal is responsible for supervising formal system of education from Primary to Higher Secondary Level including Madrasaha, Sanskrit Anglo-Indian Education and other minority education.

Primary Education in West Bengal stats from standard I to IV, Secondary Education in West Bengal is from standard - V to X (Junior High or Upper Primary stage is from standard – V to VIII and High School stage is Class – IX and X) and Class-XI and XII constitute the Higher Secondary Education in West Bengal.

The entire School Education System in West Bengal is administered by a dual administrative system. The Syllabus and Curriculum as well as final evaluation are administered by the West Bengal Board of Primary Education, West Bengal Board of Secondary Education, West Bengal Council for Higher Secondary Education and West Bengal Board of Madrasaha Education in their respective areas. The Department of Technical Education & Training administers schemes on technical education at Diploma Level through Polytechnics, Craftsman Training through Industrial Training Institute and Junior Technical Schools, Non-formal vocational Training through Community Polytechnics and short- term Vocational Training Programme implemented through Zilla Parishads and Non-Govt Organizations towards improvement and expansion of Technical Education in West Bengal.

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