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Biotechnology Department of West Bengal

Updated on: Mar 21, 2013
In this era of technological revolution, India is asserting her place in the global arena of biotechnology. West Bengal is one of the most prominent participants in this journey of glory toward advancement. The kind of human and intelligence resource is needed for proper advancement in this discipline of research everything already existed in the state of West Bengal. All that was needed is a management body, which will make standpoint of biotechnology, stronger. The biotechnology department of West Bengal is actually serving that purpose. Apart from biotechnology related business, West Bengal Department of Biotechnology is also concentrating on various aspects of social development by bringing forth development in various fields, such as, agriculture, healthcare, medicine and genomics, diagnostics and environmental protection.

Associated Chambers of Commerce & Industry of India or ASSOCHAM has recognized West Bengal as one of the most potential regions for growth in this area of business and one of the most reliable areas for investment also. Due to initiative and orientation methods implemented by Biotechnology Department of West Bengal, in the recent times, the whole sector has received a new growth pace. This department is properly patronizing several institutes, where research on biotechnology is opening up new horizons. Institutes like Bose Institute, Burdwan University, Calcutta University and Jadavpur University are helping in advancement of biotechnology study and research of this state.

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