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Board of Practical Training

Updated on: Mar 21, 2013
Board of Practical Training (BOPT), Easter Region is one of the most important apex organizations in West Bengal. This training institute is a national level organization and it has its three other branches in three other cites of India- Chennai, Mumbai and Kanpur. Main object of the Board of Practical Training (BOPT), Easter Region, like its other branches is to provide practical training to fresh engineering graduates and diploma holders from several engineering colleges of West Bengal. This is a completely autonomous body is administered by Ministry of Education, Government of India.

Objective of BOPT, Eastern Region:
  • To compensate any gap in the field of practical experience of fresh engineering graduates, diploma holders and +2 vocational pass outs
  • Establish good relationship between industries and technical institutions for the purpose of improving the quality of technical education. Develop the human resource for the industries. 
  • For both Private and Public sector, it helps in securing facilities for training in different establishments and organizations for the products of technical institutions.
  • To make out programme of training for the trainees in consultations with them and the industries and other agencies concerned.
  • To make selections for placement among the applicants who wish to undergo training.
  • To award certificates as may be appropriate to those who successfully completed the training course.
  • Arrange dissemination of information of various aspects of practical training through lectures, films and other media of communications.
  • To enhance technical competency to improve confidence level of qualified youth.
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