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Higher Education Department, West Bengal

Updated on: Apr 9, 2013

In the national scenario of Higher Education, standard of higher education in West Bengal is quite appreciated and admired. Almost all centers of higher studies are replete with basic academic infrastructure which is very helpful for proper guidance and assistance of students. But, in this context role played by higher education department of West Bengal is one of the most important.

The Higher Education Department of West Bengal looks after administration of whole higher education curriculum of the state. Some years back, functions of the West Bengal Higher Education Department were done in the name of the Education Department of the Government of West Bengal. This administrative body used to look after functions of three present day departments, which are as follows:

   1. Technical Education and Training

   2. Mass Education Extension and

   3. School Education

Later on, the Education Department of the Government of West Bengal was divided and Department of Technical Education and Training was created. In further course of time, the education department bifurcated more and gave birth to two separate bodies, namely School Education Department and Higher Education Department.

Main functions of Higher Education Department of West Bengal include various sorts of public service programs, to enhance mass education. This department opens up several avenues in widening scope of higher education in the State of West Bengal.

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